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Staying Safe in Lewes

After many months of being inside, taking care of one another, and getting creative with ways to stay connected, Delawareans are slowly exploring our towns again as Governor Carney helps the state to reopen. With the return of short-term rentals, we are excited to welcome you back into our town of Lewes and help you have a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation.

First, we do want to note the important things happening at The Lewes House to keep our guests safe. We continue to clean the property with the highest of standards but have also added additional measures to specifically address COVID19 including longer gaps between rentals for additional cleaning and sanitization. We have added a hand sanitizing station in the foyer for our guests, and we are also able to provide each guest with a disposable mask upon request.

Outside of The Lewes House, our town has implemented additional measures to ensure the safety of all residents and guests. While every shop and restaurant has their own way of navigating these challenging times, here are some good rules of thumb to abide by:

1. Wear a mask in public spaces and have one on hand if you want to enter any businesses.

2. Stay six feet apart when shopping and when finding your place on the beach.

3. Read all signs and regulations prior to entering a business or restaurant. There are commonly rules on wearing gloves when shopping, following directional arrows within shops, when to wear masks inside of a restaurant, and how to place to-go orders for food and cocktails.

Most places have updated their social media and websites to reflect their new hours and rules, so it's a good idea to always check there first. If you're looking for some ideas, here are some of our favorite spots to visit!

  • Station on Kings: This is a great place to walk or bike to from The Lewes House for a morning coffee and pastry. Gloves and masks are provided at the door, and there is outdoor seating available on a first-come first-serve basis once you have picked up your order.

  • The Point Coffee Shop and Bakery: If you're going into Rehoboth to walk the shops, stop here on your way for a coffee frappe and Belgium waffle (they're huge!) or macaroon.

  • Grain: Located just a short bike ride or walk away from The Lewes House net to the ferry terminal, the waterfront seating is perfect for grabbing a cocktail or bite and catching a bay breeze. This location does not take reservations.

  • Wheelhouse: This dining is reservation only, but the outdoor seating and crushes are worth the scheduling. Sanitizer is provided at each table and you can enjoy watching the boats right off the dock.

  • Jerry's Seafood: The perfect spot to grab a beer and a bite. Outdoor sidewalk dining is in full shade starting around 5:00 pm, making this the perfect place to go after a round of golf. A great spot to dine al fresco on our beautiful main street.

We hope to see you in Lewes soon and look forward to hosting you at The Lewes House!

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