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Local Highlight: Olive and Oats

There are so many great places to grab a bite in Lewes, but today we're highlighting one that we visited just recently and absolutely enjoyed.

Olive and Oats is nestled right near Mary Vessels Park which has the best hydrangea display surrounding a quaint gazebo. Right off the main drag, it seems small from the outside but is full of delectable bites inside.

The menu features traditional breakfast offerings including bagels, granola, yogurt and more. And, right when you had gotten used to the vacation town pricing, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that Olive and Oats offers extremely affordable prices on all of their menu items.

For lunch, the menu consists of tasty sandwiches, salads, and Mediterranean specialties and soups. If you're a vegetarian or traveling with kids, there are also items available for order that will perfectly fit your needs.

Other than food, Olive and Oats is a favorite destination for good coffee. Their cold brew and cappuccinos are delicious, we know from personal experience. They also offer an espresso smoothie which is a true treat on a hot summer morning.

Olive and Oats is a gem in Lewes and a must-visit for anyone wanting to enjoy a casual but delicious breakfast or lunch in town. We hope you'll have the chance to stop by the next time you stay at the Lewes House!

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